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Music is a great vehicle to bring community together. That’s why we would love to invite your family to a new musical project that we are starting: Community Synergy Orchestra!

Music brings people together and creates community. It is also engages youth in ways that other methods cannot. In fact, because of the natural care that parents have for their children, when you bless a child you also bless their parents. We intend to integrate the aspirations of the entire family.

We know not all school provide musical instruction. We also acknowledge the existence of individual private music schools. However, these don’t necessarily enable the sense of community that can be created through music. We aim to fill this space, allowing music lovers in our community to play in a symphonic orchestra. As part of this, we will provide musical instruction, with the aim of playing together in a large ensemble.

Our orchestra is built around these main pillars:

Multicultural: We encourage the participation from all members of our community, of all ages, and celebrate diverse cultural backgrounds, recognizing that they are the fabric of our community. Our repertoire will include music representing each one of the communities that conform the orchestra.

Inclusive: We want all music lovers to participate in this project, regardless of their socio-economic situation.

Family focused: This is an inter-generational orchestra, and it will stimulate the participation of whole families, creating stronger family bonds, which are sorely needed in our current environment.

Different Orchestras: We will have a Begginers Orchestra, Advanced Orchestra and Intergenerational Orchestra to start

We plan to organize concerts in various community venues, like high schools, parks, and recreational centers, so this will be a lot of fun!

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Here are pictures of the event

Community Synergy and Venture Christian Church present a multicultural concert

WHEN: NOV the 4th, 2018

TIME: 6:00 pm

WHERE: 16845 Hicks Rd, Los Gatos, CA 95032

Free Admission